My title Global Electronics Network - Promoter-Submitter Is A Search Engine Submission SEO Analyzer Instant Website Traffic Banner Exchange automated $this
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Global Electronics Network-Promoter-Submitter Is A Search Engine Submission SEO Analyzer Instant Website Traffic Banner Exchange automated $this

Sign Up Today And Join The Thousands Who Trust Promoter-Submitter To Handle Their Advertising Partners Programs And Affiliates Programs.We provide free Trial and auto submission to the highest-rated,Free Internet Search Engines and Directories.The Search Engines and Directories listed below are all ranked according to popularity.Rankings are determined by and and are updated affiliates are Internet marketers who earn commissions by promoting products.Once you sign up as an affiliate,your internet marketing skills can lead to additional income.


Search engine visibility gives you unprecedented reach and increased Web site traffic. By attracting new visitors who are seeking your products and services, search engine visibility from Promoter-Submitter Marketing will become one of your most effective promotional tools.

* Analyze Optimize and Promote Your Websites
Analyze and select keywords that will get most targeted visitors to your web site.

* Analyze Optimize and Promote Your Websites
Analyze and select keywords that will get most targeted visitors to your web site.

* Get Top10 Positions in 200+Search Engines

* Get Listed on Google's Premium Network

* Submission to Hundreds of Search Engines

* Search Engine Optimization Tools

* Search Engine Ranking Tools

* Website Statistic Monitoring Tools

* 100%Web-Based Interface

Promoter-Submitter is the most efficient, powerful, and completely automated way to promote your website to over 700,000 Search Engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, Classified Sites! 100% Automated - A Complete Traffic Generating Machine!!!

Promoter-Submitter will help potential customers find you! Submitting your site consistently and properly will drive traffic to you. Manually submitting can take up hours of your valuable time Promoter-Submitter completely automates this task. There's absolutely NO SOFTWARE to download, and our easy-to-use wizard will have you submitting your first site in minutes.

Manually submitting just does not compare to the power of the Promoter-Submitter System!

Join Now Free Search Engine Submission Trial Start Tour
We offer an unconditional 30-day Money-back Guarantee for your complete satisfaction!

We offer an unconditional 30-day Money-back Guarantee for your complete satisfaction!

Top Reasons Promoter-Submitter is a MUST HAVE Service:

  • Unlimited re-submissions of multiple domains and pages
  • 100% automated!
  • Submitting your web site consistently is the #1 way to get indexed by search engines
  • Search Engines re-index their databases every 4-8 weeks
  • Web Sites are removed and re-indexed during their updates
  • Promoter-Submitter gives you the power to submit from once per month to once per day and many options in between, completely automated!
  • You can simply set up Promoter-Submitter once and the system is then on Auto-Pilot! Never worry about resubmitting your site again!
  • There's nothing to download, no software to learn. Promoter-Submitter's easy-to-use wizards walk you through several simple steps and you're done! If you know what your domain name is, you can use the Promoter-Submitter System!
  • All of your data is stored with us.

Promoter-Submitter does all the work for you 24x7! Set up your domains ONCE and Promoter-Submitter will resubmit your site on the schedule YOU CHOOSE!

Do you have multiple domains? If so No Problem! Promoter-Submitter can submit any number of domains from 1 to 1 Million - all completely automated!

Want to increase the value of owning a web site? Join the Promoter-Submitter Affiliate Program and start earning money today!

What is affiliate marketing Sign Up Now! Affiliate marketing is when a software publisher offers the opportunity for others to sell their products from their host web sites in return for a commission on sales. This provides tremendous sales opportunity to the software publisher as they develop their own virtual sales force, with each affiliate pitching the publisher's products to their specific audiences.

Promoter-Submitter Affiliate Program Affiliates affiliate program makes it simple for you to start selling some of the hottest applications available and increase the profitability of your web site. With commerce solutions not found in other conventional affiliate programs, the Promoter-Submitter program includes features such as:

Try and Buy" options - One of the most powerful and unique features available in any Affiliate solution,Promoter-Submitter enables publishers to submit their products for sale with a Trialware or Try and Buy option. This greatly expands the manner in which the Affiliate can promote these products by enabling downloads and post-download sales from your sites, but always retaining the credit for the sales using the Promoter-Submitter SalesTrac Technology (eST). No more efforts going unrewarded or limitations on how you can promote products. This is critical within the Shareware Industry.

Multiple distribution methods - as an affiliate you will have access to offer multiple options to your customers for sale and distribution.These options include direct purchase URLs,downloadable eST files that you can host on your own site,and eST files that are hosted on Promoter-Submitter servers.

Branded product landing pages - qualified products in the Promoter-Submitter Affiliate Program have pre-filled landing pages that you will be able to direct your customers to.These pages relieve you of having to do the marketing efforts yourself.

Detailed sales reports and admin tools - as an affiliate,you are provided a secure account offering access to all of your sales information and reporting, administration tools,statistical reporting,accounts receivable and payment history,and tools that make the management of your partnerships very easy.More importantly,this information is available 24/7 and is provided real-time, including event driven notifications (order,approvals,etc).

Exportable product data - information on the products that you are selling is available for download as XML.This data can be used in any way you see fit to help you with your sales initiatives.

Accurate sales executions and tracking - with our exclusive Promoter-Submitter SalesTrac Technology (EST),we utilize tracking mechanism that assure you are credited with the sales you initiate and deserve.

Automated payments -In addition to providing you all of the supporting information and reporting for the payments you are to receive,Promoter-Submitter settles directly between you and your publisher partners and provide guaranteed payment terms.Settlement is done electronically via ACH,Non-U.S.ACH,and International Wire Transfer as applicable.

Increased exposure to developers - Promoter-Submitter hosts an affiliate web site that is a virtual "meet" market, placing you in contact with multiple developers, increasing your number of affiliate partnerships.

Ease of use - getting set up is simple and completely automated to the point you can begin selling in a matter of minutes. Custom builds from developers are not required and all approvals are performed online,in real-time,eliminating unnecessary delays and lost sales.

Categorization - Products are submitted to our affiliates.Promoter-Submitter "catalog" site where you can easily search by categories or keywords for the publishers products that interest you most. This is made available to you prior to setting up any account with Promoter-Submitter to ensure you find what you are looking for prior to getting started with us.

Online terms and conditions - All terms are provided to you for acceptance online in our continuing effort to simplify your experience.

Digitally signed downloads - the EST file is digitally signed by Promoter-Submitter to help instill consumer confidence when they initially run the software.

What is the cost of being part of the Promoter-Submitter affiliate program? Absolutely nothing! Once you have signed up you will have access to a catalog of products available to be sold through your web store. Everything is managed by you from within an online sales manager, where you will be able to monitor all transactions in real-time. You can sit back and watch the commissions roll in.

Getting started Simply click the button Top and Join Now using our simple online affiliate account creation form.

  • 48 Hour Listings in Major Search Engines and Directories Include: Google, Yahoo,DMOZ Open,iWon,LookSmart,Ah-ha,,AOL,Ask Jeeves,AltaVista, Excite,Msn,Aol Search,HotBot,All The web and Many More
  • Proprietary Blend of Genuine Hand Search Engine Submission and Sponsored Links
  • Flat Monthly Rate starting at $14.99 To $79.99 with No Per-Click Charges, No Hidden Fees, No Contracts and No Catches
  • Get Listed Faster & More Comprehensively than Any Other Service, Guaranteed !
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